Now More Than Ever

Anti-Oppression is Good For You

It is proven that organizations perform better when they have gone through an anti-oppression process.
Not just unconscious bias, diversity or tolerance, but anti-oppression.

Better Performance

Organizations with more awareness of diversity and anti-oppression outperform other organizations in every aspect.1,2

A Happier Organization

Research shows staff members are more likely to remain committed and present with more investment in anti-oppression work.3


Going through a process of anti-oppression keeps organizations on top of their creative and innovative game.4

This work is multi-faceted, and multi-dimensional. It requires experience fielding all scenarios, a breadth of history, and a solid understanding of how organizations develop.

This is where I come in.


With over 20 years of proven results, experience nationally and internationally with 100s of organization types from non-profits, to universities to start ups, to Fortune 500 companies, I come to the table as an expert. Explore what my experience brings to you.


Beyond Diversity

Workshops and Talks

Topics and Formats

Talks and Writings

Press and Media

Culture Audit/Assessment

Details and the Bigger Picture

People, HR and PR

People Management, Brand Management


Creative and Tech


The process of seeking organizational change


    Our First Conversation

    We will start with a conversation about what you're looking for, what you want it to look like, who will be in the room and how we can make lasting and impactful change over time. This first contact is critical in assessing how I can be the best fit for your organization.


    Measuring where you are

    We continue with rigorous information gathering to determine who will be in the room, who are the stakeholders, the history of how you arrived to where you are, where you want to be, and timelines.


    A Lifelong Journey

    We begin the process as an arc, not as an isolated talk or workshop. Whether we have one session or several, the work will be embedded with your organization for long-term change. This is urgent and necessary work, and the work we do together will position you to move forward.


    Continue the Process of Transformation

    My goal is to make it so that when we are finished with our process, you will have mechanisms in place to continue the work without me. A sign of my job well done is that you no longer need me. Our process includes tangible and long-term solutions throughout the period of work that will ensure you will have impactful and effective transformation for the next cycle of your organization.



YK Hong is a tireless advocate for a more equitable world. Our staff work with YK at Creative Capital was transformative for each of us personally and for the organization. I so appreciate how tough and uncompromising she is, and how fiercely committed she is to her clients' personal, professional and organizational advancement. YK helped to challenge--and strengthen--the organization in ways I couldn't have predicted. She was a gift to us!
Ruby Lerner
Executive Director (Retired)
Creative Capital
YK- Extremely bright and undeniably one of the most genuine people I have met. Her confidence in subject matter is obvious and her ability to share and teach to a lower level than her own skill set is remarkable. I could see her teaching as easily at MIT as I could to ... youth. I was extremely fortunate to have her as an instructor both days. She would be suited well working with any population and skill level.
Joanne Bogrett
Northeast Regional Director
YK’s commitment to anti-oppression and accountability work is evident in the way she brings in her own life experiences, providing practical ways to dismantle the oppression we may face day to day. Her training style is includes a mixture of compassion, humor, and authenticity that challenges the participant to dig deeper and pushes each of us toward realizing liberation.
Michelle Lin
Training Coordinator
Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS)
It was probably the most important and valuable training I’ve ever done. I came in as a well-meaning, good liberal, but I didn’t really get what it means to be an anti-racist – a real ally – until the training. As a professional, political person I’ve been part of many “liberal” coalitions and efforts that were completely devoid of involvement (let alone leadership) from people of color. At the end of the training I made a promise to myself that I wasn’t going to do that anymore. After a tough interview process, I have been hired as a central staff person who works with a coalition of groups, led by and comprised of 2/3 people of color. There’s no way they would have hired me if I hadn’t had the benefit of your training. I feel really lucky.
Stephanie White
Executive Director
Equality Michigan
YK Hong is a dynamic and skilled trainer. Her sense of humor and ability to relate to people allow her to push participants to examine their ways of thinking helping them to grow. She has a rare talent for addressing multiple issues of oppression in an accessible way while making clear the many connections between them. As a fellow anti-oppression trainer, I often look to her methods to strengthen my own work.
Bree Carlson
DR Works
Senior Trainer
I was first drawn into YK's work when I invited her to do a day-long training for Asian Pacific American students at the Claremont Colleges in Claremont, California. The feedback was incredible. The students who attended her training (many of whom came from less politicized backgrounds) told me that because of the training, they felt they had a deeper and stronger understanding of systemic oppression, the root causes of social injustice, as well as the politics of power and privilege. I see YK's work as foundational to building self-determined communities and forward-thinking leaders.
Diana Ming Yin
Business Owner
Poppy and Rose


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