Artistic Bio


This is YK Hong’s artist page bio. Go here for YK’s anti-oppression training and speaking information.

YK Hong is an internationally and domestically exhibiting artist who is constantly pushing the boundaries of art and cross-disciplinary work. She is draws from her multi-cultural and trans-global background to incorporate ideas of struggle, migration, consumer culture, propaganda and anti-oppression into her work. Her pieces portray the possibility of revolution and change in every day struggle.

In addition, she is an accomplished writer, designer, wood and leatherworker, techie, speaker and facilitator and weaves all aspects of her life into one another to reach a cohesive message. More information on YK’s speaking and workshop topics, as well as her articles can be found here.

Visit her 365 Release Project site for more information on her year-long project of giving away 1 thing a day to practice non-attachment, letting go, and change.

She speaks more on her journey as an artist in her TED Talk entitled, “How Having Nothing is Having Everything”.